Sublime Oil by Sesderma

Client: Les Sapeurs
Date: 1 August, 2017
Services: Video · Photo · Digital Ads Creativities

Sublime Oil by Sesderma is a brand new multipurpose oil to care your face, hair and body with a striking fragrance.

The brand wants to put the focus of the campaign on the different aplications of the oil in face, hair and body both in men and woman.

We made 4 different video ads, featuring different aplications with different characters roles to ensure the digital campaigns could be optimised by audiences.

We create digital creatives from photos inspired by the 4 scenarios. In addition, we created up to 6 short videos explaining the different applications of Sublime Oil.

A 3D recreation of the scented liquid forming the oil bottle served as the first impact for the campaign, for digital tools such as web pages and social networks and as a perfect closure for each of the ads.

We create several ads inspired in different roles and aplications of the product to optimize the digital ads campaigns