Audiovisual integral project.

Two exciting days with some of the most influential speakers of the industry, who inspire, teach, and guide us as we face the many challenges and opportunities which lie ahead in the future of the web.

Client: Awwwards
Date: 3 February, 2017
Services: Full Project

The Concept

Jumping up, I look at it and I want it. I look for the moment to have it, but deep down I’m just looking to improve day after day.

Before developing a work for a client, we analyze their digital state and we propose the different audiovisual pieces in a strategic way to obtain a much more profitable results. We create unique experiences.

In this case we produce an exciting video summary about the conference and the city, reflecting the vibes lived at the conference by speakers and attendances.

In addition to the summary video, we took several photos from the entire conference, venue, speakers, winners and of course, the party.


Process and result

Create the eternal instant.

Thanks to the digital strategy, we created a variety of audiovisual pieces that shorten the success time to KPIs.
The creation of audiovisual pieces defined for specific campaigns and actions allows the client to focus on their objective, leaving in our hands the impact of image, brand value and audiovisual awareness.

Everything that is done with passion endures in time.

An engagement rate 350% higher than the previous conference, led the investment campaigns to a optimization by a third.