Client: Les Sapeurs
Date: 1 July, 2017
Services: Video · Photo · Digital Ads Creativities

The Arkopharma Arkocapsulas are a series of pills based on the power of plants to solve everyday discomforts like increasing defenses, resting better, losing weight etc …

The digital strategy focused on a new digital brand architecture to overcome the sales and recognition of this range of capsules in digital media.

From Bebokeh we proposed to work a very colorful conceptual photography line, working each product with its associated plant in a different way, in this case making them levitate.

As an annex to this main photograph, we proposed a very conceptual overhead photograph playing with elements related to the nuisance and with the plant itself.

The result is a series of colorful and different photographs contributing a plus of quality to the brand and a superior impact in its use in digital tools, such as the landing pages of each capsule, or in the creatives for ads in digital campaigns or social networks .
At the same time, we also work a video overhead for each capsule showing the use it could have for each person, reinforcing the slogan “One person, one plant” of the brand itself.
To support the power of the capsules and their creation process, we recreate this process in a 3D allegory to focus on Arkopharma’s unique manufacturing process, the Arkototum.